discovery of global warming

The discovery facing Great
Global Warming
          While limiting emissions is the best way to stop global warming, researchers worldwide are trying to find more efficient ways to save our planet from destruction is not far off the tip again if global carbon dioxide emissions continue to increase at the same speed. Environmental awareness has certainly led to many discoveries, energy-efficient technologies and alternative energy sources consumption. Below are the seven most amazing discovery for Global Warming.
Global warming not only increases the global temperature but also have taken the coastal areas. Flooding problems and a shortage of housing at the same time has led to the development of a unique houseboat. Houses like this first created by the company Dura Vermeer and installed in Maasbommel beach town in 2007. They consist of hollow cube that gives them the upthrust and allow them to float on water. Floating homes can withstand an increase of up to five meters in sea level.

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