Creative Advertising About Go Green

Creative Advertising About Go Green


Earth's average temperature has risen nearly 0.8 degrees Celsius, so a major concern. Global warming is spreading to all corners of the world, and the impact on rising water levels in the earth's surface. The water rose to cover the lowlands could even make it submerged. in Global Warming Ad indicated someone was in the pool. These ads depict the world have been submerged due to rising water level. tagline of the ad is, "Do not let this be our future. Take care of our rainforest, stop global warming".
Green Korea Society has created an ad titled a clear indication of global warming in the coming years. In the ad shown 'Hand' is increasingly submerged in water. This ad has a very interesting slogan is, 'we will drown if not rescued the earth from global warming. "The ad was released in 2008 and created by advertising agency Daehong.
This ad is very interesting and inspiring people to come and sign the petition. This petition forcing the Belgian government is more concerned again to issues related to global warming. This ad created by TBWA (Ad Agency Brussels, Belgium) and has a tag line that reads, This is an open polar bear skin because it can not stand the weather is getting warmer earth. 
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