recycled for us

here's some item such as desks, chairs, quartz, garnish made ​​from recycled materials

Wall clock made by old harddisk

Chair made by old skateboard

Sofa made by lumber

Unique bag made by diskettes used

Electric grinder made by old harddisk

Some unique decorations made by old disc

Robot toys made by old hardisk

Storage magazine made by lumber

Unique chair made by rubber tires

power plant waste

Power Plant Waste
Waste Handling Solutions in each country
The technology of processing waste into electricity
         Rubbish is a problem in the city - big all over the world. Particularly in Indonesia such as piling garbage on the street - the street protocol Bandung city. Not to mention the conflict between government and citizens whose location becomes a place of final disposal (landfill).

In developed countries such as Denmark, Switzerland, America and France. They have to maximize the waste treatment process. Not only overcome the stench alone but has changed the waste - this waste into electrical energy. Lodging in Denmark 54% of the waste in robah into electrical energy.

Waste treatment technology for electrical energy in a very simple principle, namely:

* Trash in fuel to produce heat (thermal conversion process)
* The heat of combustion used to transform water into steam boiler with the help of
* High pressure steam is used to rotate the turbine blades
* The turbine is connected to the generator with the help of the shaft
* Generators produce electricity and power is applied home - a home or to the factory.


Creative Advertising About Go Green

Creative Advertising About Go Green


Earth's average temperature has risen nearly 0.8 degrees Celsius, so a major concern. Global warming is spreading to all corners of the world, and the impact on rising water levels in the earth's surface. The water rose to cover the lowlands could even make it submerged. in Global Warming Ad indicated someone was in the pool. These ads depict the world have been submerged due to rising water level. tagline of the ad is, "Do not let this be our future. Take care of our rainforest, stop global warming".
Green Korea Society has created an ad titled a clear indication of global warming in the coming years. In the ad shown 'Hand' is increasingly submerged in water. This ad has a very interesting slogan is, 'we will drown if not rescued the earth from global warming. "The ad was released in 2008 and created by advertising agency Daehong.
This ad is very interesting and inspiring people to come and sign the petition. This petition forcing the Belgian government is more concerned again to issues related to global warming. This ad created by TBWA (Ad Agency Brussels, Belgium) and has a tag line that reads, This is an open polar bear skin because it can not stand the weather is getting warmer earth. 
Other ads for go green


5 wind power

5 Environmentally Friendly Vehicles 
Sourced Wind Power

            Environmentally friendly green energy is very hard to ignore its existence in this case the energy that has existed dialam and very friendly environment. This is a very green energy that has sparked a variety of innovative discoveries and produced many stunning works by various methods of collecting and utilization of energy with very clean and environmentally friendly. Hujau Energy is not only environmentally friendly but also very abundant existence so it is quite promising ketersediaanya for a very long period of time. Wind energy is one form of renewable energy is already quite popular usage even in its utilization as an energy generating electricity. The wind is everywhere and is available in considerable amounts, so this energy can be utilized effectively to generate power for various purposes. With polpulernya these green energy sources, here we show a variety of vehicles that have been there and really rely on a very hujai energy sources and environmentally friendly in operation. As a form of anger? however, these works are very cool and very promising development in the future. Btw murah Gan no longer at length below 5 eco-friendly innovative work that is of course rely heavily on wind power

1.Green Bird
Is one that embraces the concept of hybrid vehicles which can glide with very agile and fast both on ice and land surface normal. That is designed specifically for use in the two fields and is equipped with a powerful engine sourced renewable energy power. This vehicle is one of the fastest wind powered vehicle ever who is also famous for its stunning acceleration. Where the maximum acceleration which can be reached about 126.2 miles per hour. at this speed, it could be said to have broken the world record for wind powered vehicles category. The designers and manufacturing industries continue to work in perfecting these vehicles become faster and more efficiently the expected one day will make it more effective in replacing many conventional fuel vehicles. A British company called Ecotricity and engineer Richard Jenkins, who also took part in this job and aim to produce carbon emission-free vehicles

2.Windferry Vessel
this time we explain a little about a vehicle that really rely on wind energy entirely. As we all know its exterior wind power is very large, so this vessel is one of the best and most effective in harnessing wind energy. An American company has presented a work which is amazing and they believe this is one of the most efficient vehicle in the utilization of wind energy and the best in matters of efficiency. Special project was undertaken by a company that ebrnama Wing + Wing and Ferry will build the most powerful ship to cross the San Francisco bay area. This company started the job by finding the best solutions required for the best utilization of wind energy. All devices that exist on this ship by utilizing wind energy and will be converted in other forms of energy that will be used to move the ship sepanjag operational period

3.Cargo Ship Beluga
This cargo ship is one manifestation of a major project on the use of green energy field and focused on just this saja.Dan harness wind energy is a cargo ship that others who utilize wind energy for various purposes during the operation. This cargo ship is done by a German company called Beluga flagged Group and will utilize the latest technology they call towing kite (kite puller). This system is installed above the deck of the ship and make the most of wind energy is needed. This ship is equipped with a screen 160 meters specially designed by a company called Skysail GmbH to collect wind energy with a very efekstif. This technology is utilizing natural resources in the form of wind that are proven to reduce fuel use by about 20% regular. If this method is acceptable and widely used then this is an effort that is very green and environmentally friendly

4.Tricycle Pterosail
This is the form of a bicycle wheel kondaraan 3 Petrosail packed in the title, which is another form of exclusion utilization of wind energy projects, and almost half the energy used is from the existing strength of the wind. A company called Petrosail this time featuring latest technology in a vehicle that is equipped with a screen on it that they neatly in a three-wheeled bicycle. This bike is equipped with a screen and is equipped with an electric motor mounted pembantu.Layar to take advantage of wind energy closely as possible. when the vehicle is moving, wind energy will lead to a screen installed to generate energy utilized to support the motion of the vehicle speed. In this way the vehicle could move very long distances to reach without the need for the least fuel. This vehicle is also equipped with a battery that will always be filled with the utilization of wind energy

5.Rickshaw with wind power
Rickshaw is one of the vehicles are almost used in various places around the world globally and this dianggab as one of the main causes of fuel consumption in a very large number of vehicles in the world. This time we present a cleaner alternative to reduce the use of traditional fuels in a very large amount. And this is the rickshaw-pedicab presented in a pretty cool concept which is equipped with windmills to convert wind energy into electrical current that is then used to charge the battery in the rickshaw. To be sure this method to reduce the use of traditional fuels and power consumption at a level which is quite large. Pedicabs like this type was introduced in Nepal where a rickshaw people equipped with windmill mounted thereon for the best utilization of wind energy.
A variety of good ideas on both the tactical and already crawling on more advanced technology and modern very promising wind energy availability in the future. This type of energy which is certainly very green and environmentally friendly, hopefully through this blog all that we have described above to a future benefit of both present and future, making reference, inspiration or reference of a concept of sustainable and renewable, message bloggers utilization renewable resource's time is maximized as the depletion of conventional resources that tend to creep up in terms of price, there are many alternative resources untapped by the availability of unlimited


discovery of global warming

The discovery facing Great
Global Warming
          While limiting emissions is the best way to stop global warming, researchers worldwide are trying to find more efficient ways to save our planet from destruction is not far off the tip again if global carbon dioxide emissions continue to increase at the same speed. Environmental awareness has certainly led to many discoveries, energy-efficient technologies and alternative energy sources consumption. Below are the seven most amazing discovery for Global Warming.
Global warming not only increases the global temperature but also have taken the coastal areas. Flooding problems and a shortage of housing at the same time has led to the development of a unique houseboat. Houses like this first created by the company Dura Vermeer and installed in Maasbommel beach town in 2007. They consist of hollow cube that gives them the upthrust and allow them to float on water. Floating homes can withstand an increase of up to five meters in sea level.