recycled for us

here's some item such as desks, chairs, quartz, garnish made ​​from recycled materials

Wall clock made by old harddisk

Chair made by old skateboard

Sofa made by lumber

Unique bag made by diskettes used

Electric grinder made by old harddisk

Some unique decorations made by old disc

Robot toys made by old hardisk

Storage magazine made by lumber

Unique chair made by rubber tires

power plant waste

Power Plant Waste
Waste Handling Solutions in each country
The technology of processing waste into electricity
         Rubbish is a problem in the city - big all over the world. Particularly in Indonesia such as piling garbage on the street - the street protocol Bandung city. Not to mention the conflict between government and citizens whose location becomes a place of final disposal (landfill).

In developed countries such as Denmark, Switzerland, America and France. They have to maximize the waste treatment process. Not only overcome the stench alone but has changed the waste - this waste into electrical energy. Lodging in Denmark 54% of the waste in robah into electrical energy.

Waste treatment technology for electrical energy in a very simple principle, namely:

* Trash in fuel to produce heat (thermal conversion process)
* The heat of combustion used to transform water into steam boiler with the help of
* High pressure steam is used to rotate the turbine blades
* The turbine is connected to the generator with the help of the shaft
* Generators produce electricity and power is applied home - a home or to the factory.